I am trying to get my WII remote to work with my Dolphin, and I am running into all sorts of issues.
Perhaps someone can help me out.
First off my computer does recognize that I have the WII remote attached. It does show up in my devices menu. SO that part I know I know I have right.
However when I go to load it into Dolphin. I do what asked.
1. Set for WII Remote
2. Constant scanning
3. Refresh
But when I do this all that happen is my Gamecontroller in my USB port starts to vibrate. I need to unplug it so that it will stop.
And to make matters worse even though the WII Remote is connected, it doesn't do anything. I press the buttons on the WII remore
and nothing happens. No start feature, No A or B Buttons work, Just nothing.
I do realize the movement will not work until I set that up, but the WII Remote does nothing at All.
It is a genuine Nintendo WII Remote, not a third party.
My dolphin works perfect with the game cube, just can not get any response from the WII. Like I said, all that it will do is my Gamepad vibrate.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.