BizHawk 2.3.2

Released June 18, 2019
Windows binary

Update to 0.7.2

Update core (#1582)

Update GLideN64 to release 4.0
Fix GLideN64 defaults (#1478)
Support GLideN64 halo removal option
Virtual pad no longer crashes with standard controller
Fix Custom resolution

SubNESHawk - experimental version of NESHawk with poll-based input and PPU-cyle level reset support (not meant for casual play) (#1439)
Update VRC7 (#1527)
Add PPU cycle to tracelog

Fix QuickNES Crashes in Latest Dev Build (#1423)

Disassembler fixes, (#1458)
Fix VDP viewer exception when right-clicking, (#1449)


Add support for boost grip controller
gamedb updates
fix HMove
Bang! Demo -correct mapper

Call memory callbacks with addr, value (#1462)
Fix OpenAdvanced Open ROM
Link icon
Update link text to match link status
Allow toggling Link status from Status bar button (#321)
FFMPEG writer
Change all uses of -c:a libvo_aac to -c:a aac because the ffmpeg we're packaging now no longer supports the former
Fix ffmpeg webm support (fixes #1477)
Extend with a Lua-like system of API libraries (#1419)
External tools no longer crash on loading new ROM
Rebuild HelloWorld external tool, include its zipfile sources
Ram Search
Fix go to address
Fix mouse wheel scrolling
Set PageUp/Pagedown keys to increment/decrement
Hex Editor
Fix misalignment when bytes contain 7F (#1503)
When Pause on Movie End is chosen, go to finished mode instead of stopping
Fix exception when statrting from saveram multple times
Allow gaps in lag log (#1461)
Fix autorestore triggering while drawing on future frames
Fix seek progressbar not to disappear on (every other) middle-click and || button
Fix some more state removal bugs
Fix mainform pause icon when pausing while seeking (#1456)
Fix low res framebuffer on branch load (#1513)
Fix exception on Auto Hold/Fire Set Customs (#1553)
Fix exception on max undo levels causes an exception (#1555)
Fix exception on double right-click branches (#1551)
Fix Saving a tasproj in TAStudio does not update EmuHawk save name (#1444)
Fix recording joystick movement in read-only mode (#1447)
Ask to override existing bk2 file when exporting
Don't tell about clipboard if it's empty
Make the emulator automatically reset ExtraPadding after stopping Lua script (#1509)
Fix Lua sockets erroring out (#1174)
Add ability to set socket host and port via Lua API (#1495)
Add sleep functions (#1177)