UPDATE (June 25 2019): A bug with mapper 30 has been found that caused some games using mapper 30 to work incorrectly. Since this has become a popular mapper for homebrew titles, I've rebuilt and reuploaded a new version of 0.9.8 with a fix for this (again). If you've downloaded 0.9.8 before now, please manually download 0.9.8 again to get the fix. Sorry about making this even more confusing by reusing the same version number twice, as well.

IMPORTANT: The first release of 0.9.8 contained a bug that prevented FDS games from loading properly, this has been corrected. An updated version of 0.9.8 has been uploaded, if you've downloaded the original release, please manually download 0.9.8 again.

WARNING: Save states created with version 0.9.7 (or older) will no longer work in 0.9.8.
New Features

Debugger: General improvements as well as new features/tools (and bug fixes.)
NSF: Allow rewinding during NSF file playback and fixed an initilization problem with VRC6 audio.
History Viewer: Added a few new features and options, including allowing it to be used with NSF files.
Video: Added support for 512-color palette files (for color bit emphasis.)
Input: Added options to configure the deadzone size for analog sticks and to hide the mouse cursor when using a zapper.
Dip switches: Dip switches can now be configured for all cartridges that use them (instead of being limited to VS System games.)

Bug Fixes

APU: Fixed frame counter bug that caused audio to sometimes be paced slightly incorrectly.
APU: Fixed DMC power on state to match hardware test results.
PPU: Prevent palette updates during horizontal blank when rendering is enabled (to match expected hardware behavior.)
Namco 163: Fixed problems with battery save data.
Bandai FCG: Added support for EEPROM save data.
MMC5: Fixed incorrect attribute data when using fill mode.
VRC7: Updated audio instrument values to match the values recently dumped from hardware.
AOROM: Fixed power on mirroring state.
Misc: Fixed minor bugs in a variety of mappers (including mappers 112, 176, 320 and UNROM512.)