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Thread: Dragon Warrior NES Rom Glitch

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    Default Dragon Warrior NES Rom Glitch

    I have found a glitch in this Rom file. No matter what I do my attacks hardly ever hit any of the monsters. Is there a fix for this cause I can't get anywhere with the game if none of my attacks ever hit.

    Versions I tried:

    Dragon Warrior (USA)
    Dragon Warrior (USA) (Rev A)

    Emulator I'm Using:

    Jnes 1.2

    Or maybe would trying it on a different Emulator work or is there a different version of the Rom out that does work?

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    Default Re: Dragon Warrior NES Rom Glitch

    Im not recomend using Jnes because its not updated and suck.

    Try Nestopia UE or Messen also Punes is good choice.

    Rom should be with [!] in name thats mean rom is verifited.

    Your rom can be bad dump.
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