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Thread: Hello boys and girls.

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    Default Hello boys and girls.

    I'm just saying a hello so mods can see I'm not some dodgy lurker'er. I may lurk but I'm not dodgy. Much. Anyway I only registered to say thanx from the vast majority out there because if it weren't for you guys doing what you do people like me wouldn't be able to enjoy games of old. If you haven't guessed I have no idea what a gigaflop is or isn't. I'm guessing its like 0101001 talk. Like what neo sees. So yeah thanx for helping people like me to access this "stuff" whatever it is. Its great. I play games from the Atari 2600 era. I'm sure whatever questions I might ask will be already answered somewhere here. I don't really have a computer problem, my computer has me.
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