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Thread: ePSXe 2.05 Memory Card Issue

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    Angry ePSXe 2.05 Memory Card Issue

    I'm about to McFreakin' Lose It, ya'll.

    So I've spent the last 3 hours googling solutions to my problem. None of them work. I can't save my games on ePSXe. I've created a path to the memory card folder in my programs. I've tried to create .mcr files with no luck. I can't even save states. All the tutorials and videos I have found are either out of date or have omitted a step to something somewhere. I have no .mcr files anywhere in the program and I have no options to create one. Please, can someone tell me how to even create a .mcr file? Thank you

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    If you have no memory cards then they should be auto created the first time a game tries to save something or even access the memory card manager in the "bios".

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    It sounds like maybe you have an issue write to the HD? As Lefteris_D said this is automatic. So are save states, something is preventing you from saving to your HD. Run in admin mode maybe?
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    I have also faced same issue. But the problem is still persists.

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