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Thread: how use BizHawk emulator?

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    Default Re: how use BizHawk emulator?

    the BizHawk Sega Saturn needs a better computer?
    No its just not emulated well, saturn is very hard to emulate. No computer today is going to fix what is not competed. More work needs to be done n the core emulation. Bizhawk can not change that.

    When it comes the emulation the only part that really matters is the CPU, the CPU is emulating everything. So go out and buy a 8th gen intel and hope for the best.

    FYI: a duo 2.1GHz is really damn slow. If you are going to be emulating anything get with the times. A haswell chip is going to destroy that duo and have leftovers. And at that it is not that expensive.
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    i'm sorry but how i know what CPU is compatible with my motherboard?
    now i have the Intel® Core™2 Duo T7500(better than before and was free).. but i was seen better but it's 4MB's(i belive of cache).. same than before.. that's why i don't see a diference lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulaoulao View Post
    It is just one of those things, RA is like a huge emulation operating system that does it all where BH is an attempt to make an all in one emulator. There are problems with that so RA decided to Bluestacks Lucky Patcher Kodi make it modular. With RA you just need to set it all up and the best way to do that is to watch the youtub how to set up RA stuff. The setup IMO is not all that confusing because there are auto find game tools built in, you just need to do work before you play it. Once done, it is a press right for system, down for game. They use the Ps3 style GUI that I'm not a fan of but it works. Emulation station I think is a better direction.

    It comes down to this. You either want it simple and hope things work, or are wiling to learn a bit and make it all work. RA is a tool that will setup your controller, your roms, your emulators, and all the images in a nice little front end that in the end is a point and click tool to play a game. Ever second that goes by RA is being worked on by a team of over 200 developers. Where BH may get updated once every year (if it is even still updated).
    , but i get the Spectrum screen error(i mean the black screen with vertical red lines.
    can anyone explain more about these problems?
    i use the BizHawk 2.3.1(x64) version
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    KAISY: i had the same problem before, but maybe i can help you:
    1 - choose the game, like before;
    2 - you will get that screen error;
    3 - on menu, click on 'ZX Spectrum'... on submenu click on 'Core Emulation Settings'(a window is showed);
    4 - on Emulated Machine combo box, you will see the Spectrum list.... choose 'ZXSpectrum128'... now reload the spectrum game again and see what happens
    if another game give you the same problem(after a positive test), try get the game again.
    i hope helped you.. i had the same problem before

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