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Thread: PSX emulator that has a "cheat engine" built into it

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    Question PSX emulator that has a "cheat engine" built into it

    I am looking for a psx (PlayStation 1) emulator that has "memory editing cheats" built into it. I've used the program "cheat engine" but I can only edit some values and not all of them for example editing attack stats, defense, ect...

    The game I'm playing is Lunar 2 eternal blue complete, I'm trying to edit the stats when items are equipped or unequipped I can't find the values for editing the stats.

    So I'm looking for an emulator that has a "cheat engine" built into it.

    Oh and by the way I own the game already, but the 2nd CD (the one with Lucia on it) has a small crack in it so I can't play it anymore.

    Any useful help is greatly appreciated.

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