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Thread: Punes emulation guide 0.104

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    Default Punes emulation guide 0.104

    As everyone should know PuNes is my second favorite emulator besides Nestopia UE.

    I create this guide to setup this emulator.

    1.Get it from there : choose x86 or x64 also Opengl and Directx version.

    PS:Nesws :

    - Fixed graphical problem with xBRZ filter.
    - Fixed mappers 50, 90, 156, 178, UNL-KOF97, UNL-VRC7, MMC3 KT-008 PCB.
    - Fixed possible issue with High DPI monitor.
    - The shortcuts were not applied and saved correctly. Fixed.
    - For the general UxROM mapper use a full 8-bit bank select register.
    - Fixed compilation with QT 5.12 under Windows.
    - Fixed the management of the zapper that now also correctly manages the X coordinates.
    - Updated the Russian translation (thx Alter0ne).
    - Fixed the disappearance of the mouse cursor after two seconds.
    - Fixed the emulator freezing if pressed "Switch Sides" hotkey.
    - Added the rewind function that replaces the timeline.
    Now it is possible to "rewind" the game. Once the rewind function has
    been activated (at any time during the game) it is possible to move
    forward and backward in the gameplay one frame at a time or at different
    speeds (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x or 64x). You will be able to move
    freely in the recording until you press the "play" button, from that
    moment all the gameplay memorized after the selected frame will be lost.
    In the "general settings" you can select the duration in minutes of the
    recordable gameplay (the different options are: disable, 2mins, 5mins,
    15mins, 30min, 60mins or unlimited) but keep in mind that the more
    minutes you can record the more space on the hard disk will be used.
    source code is for linux but because im not using linux that will be not needed.

    2.Unpack archive and extract where you want.

    3.Setup(you can drag files also on punes.exe )

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    Default Re: Punes emulation guide 0.104

    I will apply your steps now, thanks for the information you share!

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    Default Re: Punes emulation guide 0.104

    Quote Originally Posted by maryrosie View Post
    I will apply Sarkari Result Pnr Status 192.168.l.l your steps now, thanks for the information you share!
    As everyone should know PuNes is my second favorite emulator besides Nestopia UE.
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