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Thread: RetroArch: unable to Netplay

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    I’m having issues with Netplay on RetroArch. I start Netplay as host and start the game but a message pops up saying “Port mapping failed”. The game runs normally though (I think it’s supposed to not run until clients join?). According to my router, UPnP is enabled and RetroArch port is open. According to port checking sites and even software, ports are closed (all of them) or, in the case of, I get a “connection refused” message (except port 80, which prompts a timeout message). An UPnP software states that UPnP is apparently not enabled. It’s been probably more than a decade since I last forwarded ports and I’ve been playing all kinds of games with no such issue ever. Still, RetroArch is giving me headaches. I’ve been searching for hours but found no solution. Any help would be most welcome.

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    I solved it turning off NAT in the config file.

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