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Thread: Possible to control android game with buttons?

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    Default Possible to control android game with buttons?

    Hello. Assume I'd like to play android port of old java game called Gravity defied (wasn't exactly lucky trying to emulate the jar version, y'know)

    This game is controlled by touching the numpad at the bottom of the screen. Assuming the game won't support gamepad, is there a way to play it with buttons? I.e. make emulator press the screen at given position when I press certain button? Do any emulators support this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Possible to control android game with buttons?

    Tasker has a touch screen simulator based on events. It may be possible to set a joystick event to touch an area of the screen with this. You may need to pay for that feature and you may need root but I'm not %100 on that.
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