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Thread: Virtua Fighter 2.1 launching as 2.0

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    Question Virtua Fighter 2.1 launching as 2.0

    Hi, i am trying to launch virtua fighter 2.1 with model 2 mulator. (MAME is not being great for this game. So buggy.)

    However, it is launching as 2.0. In version 2.1, string ".1" should be displayed on the center top while fighting, but it is not there

    I thought I had a wrong ROM, but I cannot find different ROMs anywhere. I thought it might be an emu's problem, but MAME is also acting same.

    Could anyone shed me light on this?

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    Default Re: Virtua Fighter 2.1 launching as 2.0

    Found the solution myself. There is "test menu" which you can enter by pressing "F2", and you can change version to 2.1 there.

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