- Count clock cycles to synchronize SA1 with S-CPU properly
- Only allow instant IRQ when toggling IRQ. Fixes WWF - Wrestlemania
- Refactored APU output code to buffer less on the client side. Removed 8-bit, Mono, and Reverse Stereo options
- Consistently handle interlacing when we skip frames
- Changed APU clock to reflect nominal values for original hardware
- Fix C4 square instruction regression
- Switch from autotools to Meson build system
- Readd glFinish option as alternative to glFenceSync
- Fix size fallthrough with xBRZ filter
- Fix loading of key bindings with spaces in them and modifier keys used alone
- Add support for libretro ".slang" shaders to OpenGL driver
- Use a cleaner onscreen font
- Trap errors to allow OpenGL <= 2.1 to run again
- Break display settings up to make it easier to access hardware accel section
- Don't display Joypad 2 pressed keys if disabled
- Add support for libretro ".slang" shaders to OpenGL driver
- Removed glitch-prone DirectSound audio driver in favor of a generic Wave Out driver
- Moved sound sync to drivers to be more reactive. This makes sound sync and dynamic resampling work more reliably
- Cleaned up dialog boxes to be more consistently spaced
- Fixed TVMode filter in Direct3D and OpenGL modes
- Fixed an interaction slowdown with OpenGL and Blargg NTSC filters