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Thread: Which emulator should I use?

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    Default Which emulator should I use?

    To start, I apologize if this thread belongs in a different forum section.

    My favorite Pokemon game by far is Crystal. I recently installed BGB Emulator for Windows 10 and the ROM hack Perfect Crystal and very much enjoyed it, but I lost progress several times because of saving issues. I understand the differences between the in-game save files and the emulator save states. I like how VisualBoyAdvance saves the state when you exit, so I can just save and load in-game, however there are other issues I have with VBA.

    Are there other Windows emulators I can use to play Pokemon Crystal with any sort of autosave or save on exit feature?

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    Default Re: Which emulator should I use?
    About which emulator choose its your choice.
    read it it should help.
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