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Thread: Emulator game freezes when loading.

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    Default Emulator game freezes when loading.

    I play in, which is a emulator retro site. You can play SEGA, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, etc. My problem is with games that have an "in-game auto save feature". I play Bill Walsh College Football '95. This game saves your progress automatically. If I save my progress and then later on try to load the game and continue from where I left off, the game freezes. I can either save the game to a file or use the cloud feature. Either way the game freezes and won't let me continue. Anyone know how to get around this? Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Emulator game freezes when loading.

    Is there some soft of support on that site? You really need to contact them.

    Otherwise you need an emulator that you can use locally on your pc.

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    Default Re: Emulator game freezes when loading.

    The best way to solve the problem is to contact their support team and ask them to explain how it can be fixed. Or maybe you can try to use another online website to play Sega and Nintendo games such as As I know they have the option to save the game progress.

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