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Thread: Emulation with just a micro sd card?

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    Unhappy Emulation with just a micro sd card?

    So im new to emulation and this site so i apologize if im doing something wrong. But i have a question. I have a PC, a nintendo switch, DS Lite, DSi XL, xbox 360, xbox one,and a playstation vita. I also have a 16gb micro sd card. Is it possible to emulate a game like pokemon fire red on any of these things i own using only the micro sd card or a normal sd card? I have seen these SX cards and R4 cards but i dont have money to buy and im just looking to give my son a late christmas present; a console that i already have but is able to play the games that i played when i was younger. I know I can emulate gba games on PC and its possibly the easiest way but my son as well as me prefer a controller not a keyboard - but i broke the cable that attaches my xbox one controller to my pc. Im hoping someone can help me so i can give me kid a fun old game to play.

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    Hello Alex,

    I guess you need to have an ichfly gba emulator. And then perhaps, there could be an option to place Pokemon Fire Red ROM and GBA bios on your micro sd card.

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