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Thread: Kronos Saturn 1.5 too fast

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    Default Kronos Saturn 1.5 too fast

    Using new saturn update Kronos version 1.5

    cannot get frame limit to work and my games play way too fast. any help???

    using japan bios

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    I've been having problems with getting Kega Fusion"Fusion3.64" to configure the Bluetooth Gamepad/nor the USB Rock Candy Controller to pair/sync buttons

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    I've never used Saturn Kronos as an emulator... But, I can relate with Dolphin; it plays my wbfs as if it lags, and stutters when playing on certain worlds and levels of the NSMBWII games/torrents... Then, it's a setting in Dolphin you can adjust it to play normal speed or above normal speed...
    And the FPS (frames per second) goes down when it lags, then ot comes back up
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