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Thread: Xbox one Controller on Fusion Emulator

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    Default Xbox one Controller on Fusion Emulator

    I'm playing on the fusion emulator and want to use my xbox one controller.
    when I select "use" on the controller panel there isn't an option that lets me map my controller.
    it only reads: "Keyboard" and "Mouse"
    any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Xbox one Controller on Fusion Emulator

    if there is no solution to fix this use other emulator like :
    RetroArch with sega core.
    or Gens emulator.
    ewentually Mednafen
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    Default Re: Xbox one Controller on Fusion Emulator

    The Xbox is not a dinput device, it is an xinput device. The only way to make it work is with the help of a program like x360ce

    Most modern day emulators support xinput, this one is old and does not.
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