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Thread: Will this scenario induce input lag?

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    Default Will this scenario induce input lag?

    Hi all, I have access to old consoles (N64, SNES, and Xbox (original), but I mostly want to play PS2 and some SNES, N64, and Sega emulation games. I have two laptops, IBM ThinkPad T42 and a ThinkPad T43. Both laptops have s-video out. I'm buying a a JVC 27" crt tv tomorrow for general usage, but I was wondering if it will have any input lag via an emulator + a laptop s-video out? I know in theory, it should be an analog signal to an analog tv; therefore, there should be little to no lag. Or is there some sort of digitization or delay when using an emulator or when outputting from a PC (despite being an analog video connection)? Thanks. I know it's sort of an out there question, and most people are probably running emulators on computers with digital displays, but anyone using emulators with VGA monitors or similar analog setup such as mine, feel free to chime in.
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    Default Re: Will this scenario induce input lag?

    As far i know there is no lag by a video signal.
    Maybe someone know more.
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    Default Re: Will this scenario induce input lag?

    Your emulator is dependent on memory and CPU. When it comes to video, its just an output call, so no latency will be seen by changing that. However, depending on the computer it may. There is no easy way to calculate that, you will just have to try.
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