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    I have come to realize that there isn't a single download solution to my question. As I understand it, you have to download an emulator program (basically the vintage computer), and then an image of the operating system and programs (software for the vintage computer). I have this straight so far, right? I was wondering if there was a good place to start, like simply with all this. Are some emulators better than others? Are there like tutorials or walkthroughs for these, or do I just have to fumble around with it? I would really love to use some of these programs for the old computers, even if it's just for fun, but I feel like a lot of what is floating around out there just leaves you staring at a blinking command prompt, thinking about how much space this is now taking up on your hard drive. A digital paperweight, I do not need. Have mercy on a newbie please. Point me in the right direction.

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    Hey there nate! a great emulator to start with would be VMWare, its a program that lets you run operating systems on top of the one you currently have. Its excellent for OS like Windows XP, 2000, ect. If you are after DOS emulation, another go to is DosBox, which emulates a computer of that time and can run and play DOS games. There are indeed walkthroughs for these programs! Unfortunately I can't tell you where to find the games, or the OS images (isos), but I can link you to the walkthroughs for the VMware and DosBox. I hope this helps!


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