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Thread: Heya! ^_^ new user here..

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    Default Heya! ^_^ new user here..

    Hey guys im Cryfargaming im really new to emulators (gba) i play on gba4iOs.

    Glad to join and if you want check out my first gba4iOs video(its only a test video) :

    I am also half decent at Adobe Photoshop, so i can make you a free avatar or signature.. just pm me with details!

    • Jay •
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    Default Re: Heya! ^_^ new user here..

    welcome on forums.
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    Default Re: Heya! ^_^ new user here..

    Quote Originally Posted by pix07 View Post
    welcome on forums.

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    Default Re: Heya! ^_^ new user here..

    Thanks for introduction.

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