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Thread: In Case This Website Gets Shut Down, I've Created A Foolproof Alternative

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    Lightbulb In Case This Website Gets Shut Down, I've Created A Foolproof Alternative

    The dawn of a very dark age is among us. The Rompocalypse has officially begun. Nintendo has been shutting down emulation sites lately. Yes, Nintendo has been doing this for a while now, shutting down smaller emulation sites, but the first major victim of this attack was Emuparadise. Many of us thought this would be an isolated incident, but we were sadly mistaken. After Emuparidise, Theisozone was also forced to remove their roms from the site. Retrozone, a website designed as a backup for Theisozone, was only available for a short time after launch, before also being shut down. Nobody can be certain which site will be the next victim.

    Like a pet left outside in the rain, Nintendo has abandoned us. The company that we loved and cherished all these years, has turned its back on us in an attempt to monopolize themselves even further. So where does this leave us? Are we to just accept that this is the end of retro gaming? Are we to just stand by as our childhood is stripped away from us, and watch as this time capsule of memories disintegrates before our eyes, leaving nothing behind for future generations?


    We as a community cannot and will not stand by and let this happen. For many of us, emulation is the only way that we are able to experience retro gaming. Not everybody has thousands of dollars to spend on games that have been overpriced out the ass by scalpers and elitist snobs, or corporate schemes such as the NES Classic Edition. We're not made of money. We're just a group of casual gamers who like to relive our childhood, and share it with the generations to come.

    We have a Discord, where we provide download links to full romsets, emulators, and bios files. We're more than just links, however. Our goal is not only to preserve retro gaming, but also to bring the community together. You can join here: <Removed>

    One post on Theisozone, before it was shut down, attracted 63 members within 8 hours; proof that we care greatly about this. All we ask is that you show us that you care too. Join our community and show your support for the preservation of retro gaming, and tell as many people as you can about us, to help keep retro gaming alive.

    Peace and love, and game the fuck on.
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    Default Re: In Case This Website Gets Shut Down, I've Created A Foolproof Alternative

    I will give you a spoiler, discord servers can be easily removed with a C&D letter.

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