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    Default BizHawk 2.3

    Released June 24, 2018
    Windows binary
    New Core: ZX Spectrum
    New Core: GBHawk (Gameboy and Gameboy Color)
    Fix #1159 - memory callbacks - active changed only invoked on first add
    Fix #1088 - Filter out forward slashes game names to fix games such as "Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt"
    Fix #1075 - Fix Rom Status Icon not loading on Saturn
    Fix xpad triggers to be full rigger instead of half trigger
    Multidisk Bundler - fix exception when file is in an archive
    Fix bug where autodump and lua-instructed client exits would vanish the window but linger the process
    Fix #1168 - Rebooting some cores with Hex Editor open can cause crashes
    Fix #1156 - Ram Watch - Clear Changes does not refresh changes counter
    Hex Editor - Speedup FindPrev/FindNext
    Update to newer 7z
    Make current branch track its new position upon reordering
    Select newly created branch
    Makes button action experience smoother
    Don't drop state above last edited frame
    Fix greenzone decay failing to drop states
    Increase Subtitle Maker frame limit
    Fix #1221 - TAStudio.OnQueryItemBg transparency color problem
    Fix #1138 - Lua scripts don't draw on the first frame
    Fix #1175 - Akumajou Dracula X (PCE-CD bug)
    Fix #70 - PCE-CD - (USA) 4-in-1 Disc - Gate of Thunder - Sound error
    Fix #771 - Final Soldier (J) screen jumping
    Fix #554 - PCE-CD Mugen Senshi Valis black screen
    Update to latest 0.6 (past 0.6.3 release)
    Fix #1144 - GBA Lego Bionicle does not have sound
    Fix #1181 - Fix tilt sensor throwing exceptions
    Fix #1195 - Audio Keeps Playing Notes after Rewind
    Update to latest GLideN64
    Update to the latest RSP-HLE plugin
    Disable Cache Size option in GLideN64, but display the value it forces internally
    Fix mapper 219
    Implement SMS compatibility mode for Game Gear games
    Add Port5 variable (link cable) - Fixes Pac Attack
    GG Terminator needs SRAM for background display
    Fix some mising data in savestates, WARNING - This breaks compatibility with previous savestates!
    Implement new IRQ behaviors
    Timing fixes
    Make initial colors grey scale
    Make equal length frames false by default, #1176
    Implement TotalExecutedCycles
    Add H and V registers to register lists
    Fix special reset cases
    Add special cases for games that turn off screen to do calculations
    Fix #1167 - Move some settings into sync settings
    Z80 Cpu Core
    Fix Reset behavior (fixes Aerial Assault)
    Many accuracy and timing improvements
    Many cores affected - SMS/GG/SG-1000/Coleco/TI-83
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