4.0.0 bugs fixed:

Enabled “Minimize when focus is lost” option caused crash in some situations.
64-bit FPU mode always changed back to 80-bit if config file was loaded.
80-bit native FPU mode FREM and FMOD returned wrong results.
RTG statefile restore didn’t restore screen state completely.
Other bugs fixed:

“Minimize when focus is lost” incorrectly activated when switching modes in some situations.
“Minimize when focus is lost” minimized main emulation window when GUI was open and main window lost focus.
If CPU panel FPU mode select menu was active and then some other panel was opened: JIT was switched off.
CD audio play from real/virtual CD (not from directly mounted image file) didn’t restart correctly if audio settings changed.
Only some emulated SCSI controllers flashed CD led when emulating a CD drive.
input.keyboard_type was always read as Amiga keyboard. If PC layout was set as default, keyboard layout was read incorrectly from config file.
Amiga reset during active RTG rendering in RTG Multithread mode could have caused a crash.
RTG Multithread mode display refreshing was unreliable in 8-bit modes when palette changed.
Finally fixed corrupted drag and drop graphics in Harddrives and Disk Swapper panel.
When inserting previously connected USB input device, previous device type (Gamepad, CD32 pad etc) and autofire mode (if any) was not restored.
Clipboard sharing could have attempted to transfer data to Amiga side after program had taken over the system, possibly overwriting memory.
New features:

Environmental variables (%variable%) in paths are not anymore resolved immediately when config is loaded but only when needed without modifying original path, preserving original path if config file is saved again.
Added full statefile absolute/relative path support. Loading statefile will restore correct paths even if absolute/relative path mode was changed after saving the statefile.
D3D9 and D3D11 VSync mode (both lagless and standard) 100/120Hz support with optional black frame insertion.
68060 FPU was not disabled after soft reset if 68060 was configured without emulated 68060 accelerator board, causing reset loop.
New emulated expansions:

QuikPak 4060

Changes in FS-UAE 2.9.7dev:

Support building with latest version of MSYS2.
Renamed option frame to bezel.
New option: force_aspect.
Added shaders compiled/ported/written by guest.r.
Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.9.7dev:

Fix detection of Windows 10.
Support building with latest version of MSYS2.
Include quick setting to toggle display of bezel.
Quite a bit of changes, but many related to non-Amiga platforms.
Changes in FS-UAE Arcade 2.9.7dev:

Respect joystick modes from the game database in input selection screen.
Fixed aspect toggle button.
Fixed support for dual X-Arcade controllers.
Gamepad/joystick devices can be hotplugged with on-screen notifications.
Option to disable search function (arcade_search).