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Thread: Snexs9x stuck in super fast mode

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    Default Snexs9x stuck in super fast mode

    Was playing ffvi. Paused for a minute. Resumed and the game was going super fast. Tried loading other roms with the same result. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Snexs9x stuck in super fast mode

    answer from linux but maybe can help
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    Default Re: Snexs9x stuck in super fast mode

    I've entered Game Genie and Pro Action Replay codes into the emulator SNES9X 1.56.2 for Donkey Kong. Separately of course, not Action Replay and Game Genie at the same time. But all codes no longer work. In fact no codes work on the latest Zsnes either. No codes work. I entered the code, the name of it, add, than check the small box left of the code. Reloaded the game doesn't work, did new game doesn't work, load save doesn't work. It just doesn't work anymore. This is the only thread I could find for this.

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    Default Re: Snexs9x stuck in super fast mode

    You can make new threads for different issues.. people might see the tittle and think to themselves... "I don't know anything about speed issues"... and not read your question.

    Make sure the ROM and codes you're using match in version (like US or EUROPE)
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