Hello everyone, I have just created (to my knowledge) the first Dolphin Netplay Discord Server! Ever dream of times spent playing those classic couch co-op games on the cube but you have no friends any more because you never leave your computer desk? Well wipe away those tears because i want to make your dreams a reality!

If you arent aware, Dolphin (an emulator for Wii and Gamecube) offers Netplay, which is akin to screen sharing in my limited experience. Basically you can play couch co-op online and with this discord server hopefully we can easily co-ordinate matches of our favorite games AND talk smack in the voice channels just like the good old days!

This is my first Discord server, but with just a few members we can get the ball rolling on this, i would love to play a game of Gotcha Force again. If youre interested come join me at https://discord.gg/pHGjfE9. Hope to see you guys there!