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Thread: KEGA Fusion Is Acting Up... Again... Need Help.

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    Default KEGA Fusion Is Acting Up... Again... Need Help.

    I was running a Sonic ROM Hack the other day on KEGA Fusion, it ran fine, and after a while, I closed KEGA Fusion because I didn't want to play anymore. I try to play it today, and I notice something's off, on my taskbar, and in task manager, it says KEGA Fusion is open, however the window itself isn't appearing. I'm unsure if it's off-screen, however this issue ensues even after I turn off, and restart my PC. Every time I try to manually move it, via the move tool, the cursor (for movement) won't change, and I'm unable to move the KEGA Fusion window in any way. When I look at the window preview, it's running fine, with the white noise static effect on the window, but I'm unable to see it on my desktop. Please help ASAP if you may, it'd be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: KEGA Fusion Is Acting Up... Again... Need Help.

    Try to delete the ini that stores the position. Back it up first if you like, then run KEGA fusion.
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    Default Re: KEGA Fusion Is Acting Up... Again... Need Help.

    Maybe try deleting the app all together and downloading it again.

    I've found the Gens emulator to be reliable next to KEGA. There are also tonnes of sonic rom hacks to play at


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    Default Re: KEGA Fusion Is Acting Up... Again... Need Help.

    I'm having problems with configuring my control pad/rock candy controller USB controller/Bluetooth gamepad won't sync... At first, I was able to sync, and then I just close the ROM file and take a break from playing... Then, reopen the app back to playing a Sonic the Hedgehog (2 or 3) and I can't reconfigure it... I tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it and still couldn't sync/configure my controller... Maybe the version is too old/outdated/incompatibility between Windows 10 OS.
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    Default Re: KEGA Fusion Is Acting Up... Again... Need Help.

    When I install/reinstall Gens (on my current Windows 10 OS) I get an "erreur joystick" dialog box pop-up with an "x" and an OK select button/option... Along with a message that reads: IDirectInputDevice::SetProperty()(Y-Axis) FAILED... I end up clicking either the "x" or the OK button several times until the dialog box closes... I'm speechless... Everytime I launch the program... It could be on the taskbar menu, desktop, shortcut...etc...

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