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Thread: Final Fantasy 8 (ISO) on laptop

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    Default Final Fantasy 8 (ISO) on laptop

    I haven't used an emulator in quite some time, but I recently got a laptop and tried running an emulator that's always been good to me. I have a few different versions, but 1.5.2 ePsxe has always worked for me, but on this laptop of mine, I just get a blank screen. I should mention I'm trying to launch an iso file I made from my Final Fantasy 8 cds. My specs are...
    Intel Core i3 2.50 ghz
    8 gb ram
    Built in Intel HD Graphics card (lap top) Dell E5430

    What would I need to do to get this running? Should I be using a different version of epsxe? Are there new plugins? I'm sure mine are quite old.

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    Default Re: Final Fantasy 8 (ISO) on laptop

    issue is graphic card which is integrated.
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    Default Re: Final Fantasy 8 (ISO) on laptop

    There is no fix for that? I figured that was going to be an issue.

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    Default Re: Final Fantasy 8 (ISO) on laptop

    Well, if there is no fix to this...what is recommended these days for emulators, plugins, etc?

    As I stated above, I was still rocking epsxe 1.5.2 just a few years ago. I'd prefer to stick with the epsxe emulator, it's always been good to me.

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