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    Default EmulationStation Problem

    Hi guys, i'm new here and hoping you can help.

    I have been through various tutorials on YouTube on installing emulation station for windows and Ive been using the pre configured "portable" version.

    I have been trying to run PS1 and Mega Drives roms but I'm having a constant issue when running EmulationStation

    It constantly shows this message

    I have placed the PS1 bois files here .emulationstation\bios and here "based on the wiki for the portable" .emulationstation\systems\retroarch\content

    The roms are in the correct folder and the correct file format.

    In the es_systems.cfg which i think this msg related to seem to be correct, the videos i have watched make no mention to edit this, but i also tried to hard code the file paths instead of using %HOME%\ for retroarch.exe and the roms folder with no luck.

    I'm probably missing something so obvious but I've been at this for nearly 3 hours now and its getting on my wick lol.

    Any help appreciated

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    Default Re: EmulationStation Problem

    can i have see your cfg and settings ?
    “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.- Linus Torvalds ”

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    Default Re: EmulationStation Problem

    I'd like to see them aswell please

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