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Thread: ePSXe persona revelations memory cards

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    Default ePSXe persona revelations memory cards

    trying to load persona revelations at ePSXe
    all i get is i just wait for the [checking memory cards]

    where do i get the memory cards!?

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    Default Re: ePSXe persona revelations memory cards

    here you go :

    I placed the standard scph1001 bios in the roms folder, as was suggested on another forum to resolve this issue, but still no luck.

    that will never work

    bios name is case sensitive. see for the correct name.


    []bookoocash[S] 3 points 1 year ago

    I think what it was, was that I needed another BIOS file. I added a whole bunch of different ones and now things seem to be working fine. Thanks for the tips!

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