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Thread: Mesen 0.9.2 released

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    Default Mesen 0.9.2 released

    A new version of the excellent NES Emulator Mesen has been released. Here are the major changes in version 0.9.2:

    New Features
    • UI: Added an initial setup dialog for new users.
    • UI: Ability to configure paths and portable mode in preferences.
    • HD Packs: New features, bug fixes and audio replacement support.
    • Input: Added support for the Famicom's second controller's microphone.
    • Savestates: Added ability to save/load the state to/from any file.
    • Debugger: Added Lua scripting.
    • Debugger: Assembler now has syntax highlighting.
    • Debugger: Integration with ASM6 via freem's fork (ASM6f) to import labels and code comments.
    • Debugger: Added iNES header editor
    • Debugger: PPU viewer enhancements
    • Debugger: Added "Developer mode" option for quicker access to debugging tools
    • NSF: Added repeat and shuffle options
    • General: Improved emulator startup performance
    Bug Fixes

    • UI: Fixed window size not being remembered correctly in some cases
    • FDS: Bug fixes related to cheats and save data
    • Debugger: Fixed watch window usability issues and assembler bugs
    You can download the new version from the Mesen page.

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    Default Re: Mesen 0.9.2 released

    and which mappers added.
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