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Thread: MAME 0.189 released

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    Default MAME 0.189 released

    A new version of the arcade emulator MAME has been released. Here are the major changes in version 0.189:
    • The -sleep and -refreshspeed options have been fixed (MAME will no longer use 100% of a CPU core for the least demanding systems).
    • UI translations have been updated - Chinese, German and Greek are fully up-to-date.
    • Many layout and navigation bugs in the system/software selection menus have been fixed.
    • Slot card BIOS selection has been fixed.
    • Performance of machines that make heavy use of the output/artwork system has been substantially improved.
    • Support for many more PNG features has been added.
    • A number of issues with XML system/device output have been addressed.
    You can find the full list of changes here. You can download the new version from the MAME page.

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    Default Re: MAME 0.189 released

    which roms and bioses run and which not ?
    “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.- Linus Torvalds ”

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