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Thread: Request: Couch multiplayer games

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    Default Request: Couch multiplayer games

    Quick story: I was a console peasant and one thing I didn't like about my PS4 is lack of couch multiplayer games, so finaly decided to build a PC because of how versatile it is and how many games there is on Steam.

    So I got: I5-3570k, 16Gb ram, Gtx 1070 GPU, 2 xbox one controllers, 2 ps4 dualshocks and two of those bad boys Mad Catz SFV alpha:

    I think it's plenty enough to run new and retro games. The problem is there must be tons of games that I don't even know about, so here is my plea, recommend me some games

    I had an absolute blast playing: Broforce, Blaze rush, Castle Crashers, Duck Game, Enter the Gungeon, Gang Beasts, Helldivers, Metal SlugX, Overcooked!, Portal2 on my PC. And then I tried emulate old amiga games: S.V.I.W and Battle Squadron, and those are damn good! I want more


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    Default Re: Request: Couch multiplayer games

    everything is now under control if you need "wisdom" write to me
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    I am not asking where to get the games from, a quick search in google is enough to answer this question, I am rather asking what games are worth checking I didn't knew there is an embargo on listing your favourite couch multiplayer games. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.
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    Default Request Couch multiplayer games

    I also have a personal distaste for anything Zombie related. Too many games. Same gameplay. Oversaturated. Closest one I enjoyed was The Last of Us. Where are the dinosaur games?

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