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Thread: Save Data not appearing?

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    Unhappy Save Data not appearing?

    Hey! I'm new to the site, but I figured I would get help here. I've been playing Thracia 776, and I had a desktop shortcut for Thracia 776. I wanted to move it to my BSNES folder so I could get to it from there along with my other emulator games, but when I did, the restore point data wouldn't appear. If it matters, I'm using .sfc files. I moved my Thracia 776 shortcut back to my desktop and it still works just fine, but I can't access my save data. Please help! I was doing a near perfect run and was on Chapter 5!

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    save was in folder or is accessed by a profile (quick save) rewriten by profile(example Pc-Mr John B.O.B)
    i was do little investigation
    "*.srm = cart saves
    *.rtc = cart save (more data) should be in the same location as the srm file though if you have any games that use it
    *.bst = save states:
    Each game has its own folder and the save file is in there.
    if not work download other save
    ask players to send save if not write to me i will do some cheat and acess 5 then send it
    and here cheat:
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