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Thread: NES USB Controller Not Recognized

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    Hello all,

    I attempted a search for this and cannot find a thread, though I imagine someone else has had this problem before. I bought a cheap USB NES controller a few years ago. It worked great for years. My laptop now, with Windows 10, does not recognize the controller. It's been a year or two since I used this last, I don't think it has ever worked with Windows 10, but I can't remember for sure. It's a driver issue, but I can't seem to find a driver anywhere for this controller. Any thoughts? If I need to buy a new controller I will, and if so, which should I buy?



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    Default Re: NES USB Controller Not Recognized

    Yes this has been mentioned before, from what I recall its a driver issue. There are no win10 drivers.

    I need to buy a new controller I will, and if so, which should I buy?
    You have a few options each depends on you and price.

    1) Buy a non driver based adapter, that is one that uses a windows supplied HID.
    - a) The Bliss-Box, the best option of you want to get in to emulation and always use the original controller.
    - b) There are also singles based on the same logic at
    - c) and a few others like 8bitdo and the likes.

    2) use a 360 or ps3. The main issue here is some emulators won't work with them.
    3) Any PC controller will work but you face the issue with driver eventually.
    4) grab some cheep china thing off ebay.

    I find people either like the 360/ps3 and that works for all their needs, or they want the original feel. Bliss-Box is pretty much the best bang for the buck if you need all of that. If you just want a quick solution get a china usb controller rip off. Pay for what you get though.
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