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Thread: Need Help with N64 Emulator controls, can't find answer anywhere

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    Default Need Help with N64 Emulator controls, can't find answer anywhere

    So I just started reusing the n64 emulator today and was playing a game on it, Spiderman 2000, anyway the controls are very weird. I mapped it to my ps4 controller using the N-Rage plugin and it works... somewhat. What has been happening to me is out of nowhere Spidey will just start running around for no reason and jumping on walls and shit for no reason. I can actually fix it for a while by holding R1 and targeting, that somehow makes it like calibrated and I can control Spidey again. Still, this hiccup is really obnoxious, especially since I'm at the level with Venom where you have to be incredibly fast to keep up with him and I can't do it if my controls KEEP ON FUCKING UP!

    I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the Range on the N-Rage thing but no matter what setting I put it on I seem to have the problem (though I haven't tried every number I have tried high and low). I can NOT find an answer to this question on the web, other people have problems with their controls but they say that they're not running fast enough or are going to slow and its like I'm having a completely different problem. Has anyone here had the same problem or know what I can do to fix it? This Spiderman game is really fun and it sucks ass that this keeps on runing my gaming experience. And Venom, that rat bastard won't stop taunting me. Need help now.

    BTW, sorry if I posted in the wrong section or whatever, I'm knew to this place, if I did post in the wrong section I implore the mod to move it to the right section instead of deleting it as I def need help on this.

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    Default Re: Need Help with N64 Emulator controls, can't find answer anywhere

    Sounds like the controller deadzone issue. Increase it a bit.
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