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Thread: Kega Fusion Landstalker - Walking issues

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    Hello guys,

    i hope that i can explain my problem properly. I tried to emulate my all time favorite landstalker, but it is really, really hard to move niles in the direction i want to. i configured my gamepad (xbox controller) but moving around with niles is extremely difficult. for example, i push the "up"-button on my d-pad, but niles moves to the left, or north-west, rather. i push "right" and he ... still moves north west. It seems that i have to pass a certain "point" on my gamepad to make him change direction. I dont know how to explain. Plattforming is nearly impossible. Did anyone have the same problem and possibly a solution for it?

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    its sounds like gamepad and software issue
    first : clear all pad settings
    second:reconfigure your pad
    lests check
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    well,It could be due to an error, please delete this version and reload.

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