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    Why is the sound bad on all emulators?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OtakuGirl85 View Post
    Why is the sound bad on all emulators?
    simple they are not optimalized yet for nes it took years for be full stable,
    also law of emulation is(we can call it law but its only proof) :
    "more powerfull system higher hadware"
    why ? because old machines cant fully use emulator
    like in nes emulator is slow by old hadware (weak cpu)
    and by design not optimalized because its not perfect aka "experimental"
    let me explain: if i made knife but because i dont have steel i made it from rock
    it can still cut its the same like "normal" knife by design but material is worse than orginal
    about how write emulator hmm there is ton articles about that
    but you need know machine not only design but how its work
    and then we skip to reverse engineering its have many steps but far which i know from gathered information :
    open machine (not matter what is)
    run machine
    programing language to test parts behavior (microchips) decode/encode instructions things to do that process are :
    disasembler,chip programmer and connect a chip programmer to pc for load/unload instruction
    here how it looks :
    software on video is called ida disasembler and by this can take data from anything.
    most common programing language for chips is Ansi C
    by use asm language we have a "door" to extract anything.
    and lets back to DS
    its looks like they not have all instructions.
    or development is not finished yet/abadoned
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    OK I can deal with that

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    some setting you can apply in your emulator. This article might help you in this :

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