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    Started creating a website ( with retro games for playing in browser. No need Flash player or other plugins. Support Gamepad (You need to press any button of the gamepad while the game is loading, but before starting the game). ATARI 2600, SEGA Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, Nintendo, SNES, MSX, Amstrad. For now, there are not many games. Daily updates.

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    You should consider buying a .com, it'll only cost about 10 or so to buy, and it'll make your site far more professional and taken seriously. .tk websites are known to host malware.

    That said, your site looks pretty cool and I'm going to test it today.

    EDIT: I'm using Safari on macOS Sierra and none of the games load, am I doing something wrong?
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    young one safari is so old ._. even on windows...
    use Firefox or Google Chrome or Yandex Browser there are the best for now...
    and for user above : you need webmaster site looks awful
    for me not work i have latest Firefox and latest java ...
    better use flash at least its working ! one example nes emulator on flash
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    Yeah, I'm using the NESbox emulator on my own website, as a matter of fact, and it is relatively compatible and fast for a Flash emulator.

    I only use Safari on my Mac because it integrates well with my other things (namely my phone and macOS itself): if Firefox offered such integration into the OS then I'd probably use it. :P
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    All I got on that site is a white screen.

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