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    Hello, I have a bartop arcade I am building and I have one of those cheap usb encoders for the buttons and every other emulator and also in windows game controller properties the joystick works fine. In fusion I can only get the buttons to work. Any ideas?

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    Look in " windows game controller properties " again and see what the distractions map to. If they map to the cross hair, make sure they are going full up and full down. If they do then your only option is joy2keys, if it does not reset calibration.
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    Thanks for the reply, I will look into that when I get home. I believe it does have full travel but I will look again. Its a joystick with micro switches so I don't see why it would not but you never know. I can move the joystick connectors over to the button inputs to make it think they are controller buttons and it will work but then I would have to reconfigure everything else because I use attract mode to tie all my emulators together.

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    I download the newest version and that fixed the problem.

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