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Thread: VirtuaNES 0.97 Save State Error

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    Default VirtuaNES 0.97 Save State Error

    I hope someone here will have the answer I'm looking for. I've installed the VirtuaNES Emulator and I can't get it to save.

    If I "state Save" it says "Runtime Error! Program: D:\Nintendo NES\VirtuaNES.exe abnormal program termination.

    If I choose to "Quick Save" it says "Don't open a D:\Nintendo NES\roms\guardian legend file"

    I am using Windows 10 64bit

    Funny thing is, it used to work just fine.

    Thanks for your help,...


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    Default Re: VirtuaNES 0.97 Save State Error

    not again i one topic i was write about windows 10 and 8 read this thread
    and stop write about 10 you say it was working so there is two solutions to fix that:
    1)downgrade (no updates)
    2)try install vcredist
    3)back to win 7
    you can also clear registry but i think it will not help you
    because its help only with installed software or failed registry entries in windows
    also repair scanfix from windows will not help you
    try 1 and 2 if not help reinstall to 7
    im know thing that : after updates nothing will be work
    even pirates that's all
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