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    Hello all,

    I am planning on building a budget build purely for emulators. I have another pc for everything else that I do. I would like to play emulators as recent as Dolphin/Ps2 and the all the way back to the retro consoles at full speed, nothing more. Currently have every part besides the cpu, mobo, and gpu because I wanted some suggestions. I heard the g3258 and i3 4170 work well when overclocked so is that an option? Obviously need a mobo with OC abilities. I was unsure of a gpu to get, maybe a 750ti? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    its should be fine with hadware what you want buy but trust me you will want play in games sometime buy i5 and good graphic card atleast 8GB of video memory you will have it for years better pay more money than buy a low end "sh*t" ad at least 4GB ram and if you want try other things like 3d rendering or video transcoding get 8GB
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    Thanks for the reply! I already have another built pc (i7 4790k, gtx 1080, etc) This build would be solely for emulators nothing else. Just want to make sure it can run all emulators with no lag.

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    Hey there, If you want to really really budget emulation machine that will cover you from atari2600 to n64, you might want to check out the raspberrypi!

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    The Raspberry Pi is an incredibly good SBC to use as an emulator, but I'd also recommend looking at other single board computers before diving headfirst into Raspberry Pi (which kinda sounds delicious :P) I'm just happy a lot of SNES and 64 games are coming back thanks to the emulators like that.

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