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    Default Hello - Emulator Controller Question

    k so I've recently been craving using a emulator and I'm looking to buy a controller. The one that's most standing out to me is the SNES controller, but I want to know the types of emulators I can actually play well with it.

    For example, I know it will be good for SNES which is one of the main reasons I want to buy it, and I think it works good for sega too. But will it work at all for the WII emulators? WII is one of the more important ones unlike n64 and gamecube, but also would like to know how it would pair with those as well.

    if I buy the SNES controller am I just limited to SNES?

    any help appreciated

    (also didnt mean to post this topic twice, just thought it would be better suited here it's more active.)

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    Default Re: Hello - Emulator Controller Question

    nope your controler is doesnt matter it should be detectable anyway

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    Default Re: Hello - Emulator Controller Question

    As long as the controller you plan to buy has enough buttons you can use it on all emulators. Emulators are just programs after all!

    Other popular controllers are the xbox360 / xbox One controllers and my personal favorite the PS4 controller which I find very comfortable to play with.

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    Default Re: Hello - Emulator Controller Question

    Af for as functionality, it will work with anything but in the way of usability, no.

    1) the game says press A B and C to use the power up. Well snes does not have c.. So now you're like, damn I need a sega usb adapter.
    2) layouts, 6 button, vs 3 buttons, vs 4 buttons, vs 2. This is a mess!
    3) Feel, n64 games require that crazy controller. Playing the game with snes will not feel right.

    There are 2 options IMO.
    1) get a psx/n64 adapter.
    2) get one adapter for everything.

    Another option lots of people are doing is the 360 but that limits you to xinput. Old emulators have issues.
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    Original, the only way to play.

    main page - Working controllers

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