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    Are there any programs or emulators that encompass all emators? Or else store them in a single program? I want to build an arcade cabinet but would like a program to have all emulators (Atari to psx etc.) So I can save a bit of time sorting through.

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    that was on this forum long time ago retroarch(emulator)+rapersberry pi

    for emulators like amiga you will need coolers

    pi 3 is latest
    can use usb disk you can should also use sd cards
    and latest thing why coolers and fan its because of 3d emulation cpu of pi became extremaly hot!
    tip: buy whole pi 3 kit (you can also use in this keybord,mouse,pad its a mini pc )
    video player for pi is KODI you can also instal Linux and surf web from wifi
    i wish how money like you amazing machine o_O
    other fronted for pi alternative of retro pie is emulationstation
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