Hi Guys,

Just wanted to draw your attention to the fact an original Xbox (ATX desktop Dev unit) dev kit has recently been gutted and possibly destroyed by a young kid who replaced the invaluable original hardware with some shitty midrange gaming hardware. We over at PCMR have tried to convince him to sell the HDD at least to somebody more experienced, but he is stubborn and not understanding of the situational severity.

Anybody who wants to chime in and try and change his mind, here is the thread https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrac..._kit_and_made/

He is simply not listening to any advice being offered, and generally being stubborn and immature about this since he clearly does not understand the importance and consequences of what he has done.

Try and talk some sense into the kid, so we do not lose yet another piece of valuable gaming history to ignorance and shortsightedness. The contents of that Dev Kit could open up a whole new world of OG Xbox emulation.