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    Hi all,

    First off - this is my first ever post so apologies if this has been asked before. I signed up to this forum because obviously I love old retro gaming and I have been digging into the whole Homebrew setup on the Wii. I have ran into a snag and I need help if possible. My NES and SNES emulators work fine but when I added Genesis Plus GX, I could get the games to load fine but the controls were all over the place.

    For example, I loaded up the Master System game 'Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion' and tried both an old Gamecube and N64 controller to play them but they would not work. I went into the controls section and tried every option but none of them would work. The Wii controller (default, not classic) worked but you had to press up to move left, down to move right, etc which obviously was difficult.

    I have done some reading online but couldn't find anything helpful so I signed up here in the hope of getting some help!


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    hey there, have you tried going into the controls and seeing which buttons are assigned on the master system control set up? If I remember correctly, the buttons are mapped differently for the two systems Genesis Plus GX emulates. If you already done all you can, I honestly don't know what more you can do, I just tried it out on my wii and it works fine with my Gamecube controller
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