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    Default Project 64 too slow

    I recently redownloaded project 64 but when I try to play a game, it is annoyingly slow. Is the problem the plugins because I'm using Jabo plugins. Please someone help me

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    Default Re: Project 64 too slow

    what is your graphic card
    Recommended system configuration:

    This specification should allow you to play any game with good speed, graphics, sound

    and control, subject to the limitations of the emulator.

    Note that this specification is still not sufficient for every option available, but with

    proper configuration you shouldn't have significant limitations.

    Intel Pentium 3 1.2Ghz or higher or AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz or higher

    256MB RAM or more

    nVidia GeForce3 or later or ATI Radeon or later

    1GB or more free hard drive space

    Creative Soundblaster Live! or higher

    Wishtech Adaptoid and original Nintendo N64 controller for each player

    Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
    Minimum system configuration:

    This specification will be sufficient for you to enjoy most compatible games with good graphics, sound and control, subject to correct configuration and some limitations of the emulator.

    Intel Pentium 3 700Mhz or AMD Athlon 800Mhz CPU*

    128MB system RAM

    200MB free hard drive space

    Additional 20MB-100MB free hard drive space per game

    100% Microsoft DirectX 7 compatible video, sound and input devices**.

    Microsoft Windows 98

    Microsoft DirectX 7 (default plugins), DirectX 8 (all included plugins)

    The video device must be a primary device, have at least 16MB local memory and two texture units. Depending on the features supported by your video card some content may not be displayed correctly and thus some games marked as compatible may suffer glitches or not be playable on your system. The exact features required vary from game to game.
    so if you have slow "gameplay" its your graphic card im dont think you hve bad cpu becuse im never hear about cpu which is weaker than those 800mhz of course you can have but you need Am386DX-40 33Mhz
    for "bad" cpu and gpu i will not help you if you have old integrated graphic card i cant help you either is gpu (weak old slow) or cpu (but im not think so you will not get those 33Mhz nowhere because its cpu for old Pc)
    also good choice will be faster ram memory and more of it but if you really have integrated card you still can play it im think on VIA S3 chrome9 HC IGP(integrated card low video settings no filters resolution 800x600)it will be fit minimal requirements or my gpu intel 945 (integreted too also minimal)
    if you have "real" graphic card like gtx 550 ti(yes i know suck in new games but project will be run better and faster) or ati hd4350 (the same as tti)
    if you have something like that "Geforce or Ati" your card is called dedicated if its hanging even if you have one of those(recomended )
    soultion is reinstall system most often Pc and Notebooks have 512mb ram its enough for project im never seen "machines" with less than that but also you can have 256 mb of ram im dont know how old is your pc/notebbok best "gaming" systems still are XP and Windows7 you can also have Vista if you have older/new you are crazy im not recomend for anyone 8,10 or 95,98, Me also 2000 Os'es for crazy people (people too old and people who are "fresh" )
    8,10 are new Os'es next ones are old if on your HDD copy and move files is slow down defragment it and recomend get smart of hdd (programs like hdtune and victoria)
    Only get smart settings! if you do other "things" you can "clear" your disk and there will be nothing HDD will be not bootable and nothing stored on it
    also on old Intel Cpu is thing called thermal throthling (pentium 4, pentium 3?,Pentium D,Core2Duo) old Amd like Athlon and Sempron was not that feature so was "burning" really if still slow down problem is your PC power supply (old bad capitors) black list is here :
    of course you dont know polish im think so i give you just list you dont need afraid if you have notebook :
    Achieve, Akyga, Arktik Power Supply, Altis, Aspire, Atlas, Apex, Allied, Austin, Acutake Aton, Bandit, Bestec, Bondfunx Fire, Carbon, Coba, Codegen, ColorSit, COMPAQ, Computer, Crono, Cube Max, Deer, Delux, Eurocase, Ecogo True Power, Everpower, Feel, Fever, Four Star, Foxtech, Gembird, Gigabajt, GoodWatt, Hawk, Hec, Hedy, Impet, Incore,Inter-tech , Intex-Action, i-box, I-TEC, KingStar, LC Power, Levicom, Likeenergy, Linkworld, L&C, LOGISYS, Macron, Megabajt, Mercury, Metropilis, ModeCom Feel (I, II), ModeCom Green, Logic (L&C), ModeCom Premium, Mercury, Metropilis, Mustang, MS-Tech, Newton Power, Pangu, Platin Power, Power, Power Color, Pangu, Platin Power, Powercomp, Powerfox, Powertec, Procase, Procomp, Octigen, Opengate, Qoltec, QTECHNOLOGY, Q-tec, RAIDMAX, Rebeltec, Rubikon, Ropla, Rasurbo (Green Power), Sniper, Stability Power, Sansun, SilenX, Sun Pro, Suntek, Take Me, Task, TE, Tracer, Trust, Tronje, Ultra Media, V Power, Whitenergy, Win, Xilence, XION, X-Power, 2N

    also old chipset on motherboard can "burn" (nforce 630a) those really suck
    recomended are "Antec(previous know as SeaSonic),Corsair,OCZ(all 80 bronze class)" this "class" mean they are made from parts of high quality
    info about power supply from
    Ps: one more thing high temperature of Cpu is because old thermal grease (AMD is just a fireplace just by design Intel should be "cold")most recomended is arctic cooling you can also use it with pc radiator im mean like silentium pro if you have "default" thats is good too but in this case is mean new=better
    ram also can be hot because electricty also flow trough them when you overclock GPU,CPU also RAM be prepared for high temperature (im talking about pc now ,overclock notebook? im have no idea)
    high temperature also come from pc with dust and notebook are often hot because of their design it's just a tin a very hot closed tin
    air is slowly flow through them also they have a weak pc fan
    change of thermal grease on GPU is also posible but you can destroy your card if you try remove it (just a design pc cooler stick to gpu thermal grease is old or have consistency of a glue in the same way not recomend is do that on notebook because of the same reason (in notebook on both GPU and CPU ( one pc cooler on both ))
    thats all
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