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Thread: Is there a possible way for a plug and play Snes emulator on a raspberry pi 2?

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    Default Is there a possible way for a plug and play Snes emulator on a raspberry pi 2?

    Hello guys, till now I have not worked with emulators or my raspberry pi but I thought it would be very cool to make a SNES out of it but I dont know if its possible in the way I want to do it.
    So is there a way to set up a good SNES-emulator on Raspberry pi 2 and connect 2 usb snes game pads to it and then its just like put on the TV grab the gamepad and choose the game you want to play and go?
    Or will I have to start the emulator first and then start software for the gamepad via wireless mouse and keyboard every time I put on my tv?

    So basicly I want to know if there is a plug and play solution like the new upcoming nes mini classic from nintendo just for the SNES and a raspberry pi 2.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Is there a possible way for a plug and play Snes emulator on a raspberry pi 2?

    there is becouse raspberry pi have it in long time ago in raspberry pi kit
    multiemulator is called retroarch (multi emulator build in even snes)
    if you say raspberry pi 2 as this funny "cellphone" like device im think no
    but i must change way of thinking C:
    here you go the info :
    and you know now
    What's the best emulator for SNES on a Raspberry Pi 2?

    submitted 11 months ago by supersaiyancurry

    I've done some research and a lot of people say that snes-9x next is the best emulator for the Pi 2. However, other sources say that snes-9x the second best emulator in general...

    I've also read about an emulator called "Higan" (formerly known as bsnes) and apparently it's the best of all SNES emulators. I even found a new awesome Chrono Trigger ROM hack I wanna try and it's only usable on Higan. However, I haven't seen ANYTHING about Higan being used as the emulator on a Pi.

    Is snes9x really the best for the Pi 2? Does higan take up too much processing power for the pi 2? What about other emulators like pocketsnes and zsnes?
    and :

    ]byuuHigan Developer 23 points 11 months ago

    Snes9X is the best you'll get on the Pi. Don't use "Next" -- it's a hacked up version with lower compatibility.

    higan is much too slow (or the Pi 2 is, depending on how you look at it.) Even the fastest profile only gets around 30-40fps on it.

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