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    Playing on nds4ios on my iphone, I was stuck in zelda - the phantom hourglass on the part where you have to blow out the candles. Microphone emulation isn't supported so I was stuck for a while. I finally found a workaround to get past these points in zelda or any game.

    You'll need to download dropbox, desmume, the rom, and the wav mic blow samples (just google it) to your computer
    1. Setup dropbox in nds4ios
    2. Save game in nds4ios in front of the candles. A new .dsv file should appear in your dropbox folder on your computer. Close app. Open desmume, open rom, start playing and create a new game file. Close desmume. A new folder called 'battery' will appear in the desmume.exe folder.
    3. Copy .dsv file (not the .pause.dsv) from dropbox folder into battery folder. It should have the exact same name so should overwrite.
    4. Run desmume, run rom, your nds4ios character should now be a choice of files to play, you should start playing where you saved in nds4ios
    5. Setup mic. in desmume go to 'hotkey settings', set a hotkey to execute microphone continuously.
    Unzip mic samples, there should be a file called 'perfect for emulators'. in desmume in 'mic settings' change microphone to audio sample, select that emulator .wav file.
    6. Hold down mic hotkey to blow out candles in desmume. save game, and in desmume do a 'export backup memory'. Name and save the file, it should create a .sav file wherever you want. Close demume.
    7. Rename that .sav file to the exact name of the .dsv file in your dropbox, including the file extention (you can copy and paste file names). Remove the .dsv and .pause.dsv file in your dropbox (I recommend backing them up somewhere else). Copy export file to dropbox folder.
    8. After files sync, run nds4ios, choose resume from autosave, it should start at the title screen, select the file to play, and you should now be inside the dungeon!

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    Default Re: how to blow in mic in nds4ios

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing.


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