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Thread: FCEUX v2.2.3

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    Default FCEUX v2.2.3

    The 2.2.3 release fixes a number of emulation bugs, features overclocking (for lag reduction) and Dendy mode, and adds support for a bunch of new ROM dumps (mostly unlicensed). Reverse engineering tools and Lua scripting have got some updates, new input devices are supported, new palette files have beed added. The SDL port has been fixed and updated as well.

    Customizable overclocking
    Dendy mode
    Fixed rerecord counting broken outside taseditor

    Added mappers: 29, 30
    Fixed mappers: 225, 119, 4, 35, 31, 69, 212, 45
    Fixed mmc5 IRQ handling
    Fixed mmc1 reg#3 masking
    Fixed vrc7 sound savestates
    Added CoolBoy, KS7010, SB200, UNIF 158B, UNIF DRAGONFIGHTER, UNIF BMC-10-24-C-A1, UNIF EH8813A, UNIF HP898F, UNIF F-15, UNIF RT-01, UNIF UNL-KS7017, UNIF BMC-81-01-31-C, UNIF UNL-8-IN-1
    NES 2.0 support
    Fixed UNIF BMC 12 IN 1, UNIF OneBus

    Fixed a bug with FDS flag being always set when converting a FCM

    Prescale filter for 2x, 3x and 4x resolutions
    Made NTSC filter internal resolution closer to 4:3

    Support 512 color palettes
    Added external palettes: SONY_CXA2025AS_US.pal, RP2C03.pal (and its versions), Unsaturated-V6.pal
    Option to swap deemphasis bits

    Option to swap duty cycles
    NSF can be set to Dendy mode

    Fix Mouse input implementation
    Support for SNES mouse
    PEC-586 russian keyboard support

    Removed speed notification per script reload, if it remained 100%
    Fixed lua drawings in NSF
    Proper halo for lua font
    Fixes to sound.get() region consistency and frequency/midikey detection for Noise and DPCM channels
    New Lua functions: •emu.getpath()

    Added -dumpinput and -playinput functions
    Support for SNES pad
    Added onscreen messages when region changes

    Added debuggerPageSize config variable which lets you pick whether 8KB physical PRG pages are used, or 16KB (the original). It defaults to 14 (1<<14 == 16KB). Set symbolic debugger name entry dialog text limits when creating a new label Fixed new-PPU debug information (address and pixel) Step Into hotkey More granular accounting of scanline and dot Trace Logger Fixed incorrect display of resolved address for (FF,x) Symbolic debugging Optionally display register names CDLogger Fix crash when attempting to open file picked as target for Save Stripped ROM operation PPU Viewer 8x16 sprite display mode Hex Editor Added option to dump entire 64k memory space Don't forget to load the symbols, when hex editor is first launched before debugger Show values for registers $4000-$4017 Cheats mmc5 Akumajou Dracula crash fix More RAM available in search SDL Added apply button to video config dialog Added link to libgd project download page in readme Noted optional libgd dependency in readme SCons: Fixed logic for LOGO and CREATE_AVI options Manpage updates Added hotkeys for volume up/down Menu toggling with the Alt key Print error when opengl/scalers are both enabled Fixed bug where lua open file gui would default to home directory.

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    Default Re: FCEUX v2.2.3

    poor emulator zone i tested that version long time ago from emucr and you ad it today soo old
    im will looking new should be 2.2.4 or higher
    or developer not write nothing new
    in that time (2015) or earlier that was beta
    there is no never version so they give up its latest release
    oh i see official release already so emucr is now best for me emulator releases before developer release them
    im was have one of svn editions main branch of code
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